Instructions for Poster(s)

There will be two Poster Sessions:

  • The first session will be on Thursday (check scientific program for exact time)
  • The second poster session includes a posterwalk and presentation of selected posters will be on Friday. This presentation may last a maximum of 5 minutes (including questions)
  • All posters will be on display in the exhibition area for the duration of the meeting
  • Please install the poster(s) at the earliest convenient possibility

Poster Dimensions

  • Poster Stand size: height: 2 meters; width 1 meter
  • The poster should stay within the limits of the poster stand
  • The maximum A series paper size is: A0 (A Series Formats: A0 841 × 1189;  A1 594 × 841)

Poster Layout

Title: Title as submitted in the abstract. In case the title is different from the abstract; please notify the organisation.

Additional Guidelines:

Prepare a short introduction and a summary of conclusions. Graphics should be explicit and brief. Poster presentations give you an opportunity to acquaint conference participants with the fundamentals of your work or project quickly and easily. Posters should be designed to

  • catch the viewer’s attention
  • quickly acquaint the viewer with the basics of your subject, and
  • make the viewer want to learn more

Illustrations must be readable from distances of at least 1 metre. Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making slides.

Poster handouts

You can provide handouts for the audience at your convenience.